Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bad Boys

A strange day. Left home a bit before noon because I'm taking a French class before work on Wednesdays--there was a cop in the yard a couple doors down just standing there. I waved at him, he didn't respond, then as I approached the staircase to York Road I said "How's it going?" and he started gesturing with his right arm for me to move quickly. Then I noticed he had his gun out. At the bottom of the steps were two more cops with hands on their guns, and a third was leashing a dog to get him out of a parked van. Then I heard the 'copter over head and figured somebody had escaped the Baltimore County Detention Center--somehow they always end up hiding in our neighborhood.

French class was surreal. After a summer of neglect I had to start thinking and communicating in a different language again. This should be the last undergraduate French class I need for my second BA. Who knows what's next?

I was joking with Eskimo today that I was sure nobody had volunteered for the new Liberry Director's committees, and that somebody would get volunteered for those open slots. Sure enough, I was roped into the Marketing Committee by my bossnot ten minutes later. Awful. The new Director said last week she wants to 'brand' the Liberry, and such talk makes me vomit. Next she'll tell us to "get our team together, think outside the box, and come up with some proactive solutions." Ugh.


Flea said...

ohmigod, that kind of cop activity is why I want a scanner. I HATE not knowing what the hell is going on!

Lisa got volunteered, too. What the hell! And how the hell are you going to have time for a committee, with your funky ass hours?!
What nonsense.

Flea said...

Oh, and I'm totally watching Cops right now, too. God, I love satellite tv. I can ALWAYS find an episode of Cops.

geoff said...

Kathy got nailed for the Lounge Committee--I ran into her on my way to lunch. Suck!

Cops never ends. I remember how excited I was when they were filming in my neighborhood in Philly. They cornered some nekkid guy in a classroom full of chairs and a Temple U. cop tackled him.

Flea said...

I'd feel left out, only Paul has nominated me for the staff person to go to the manager's meetings thingamajig.

Oh man! I hope I see that episode one day! I've only ever seen one Baltimore episode.

tracy said...

I'm only laughing slightly at all of this.
Only slightly because "branding" is my boss's favorite word.

ðryw said...

Hey kids:

You should be happy. Your boss is only trying to include you in the decision-making process, so you can feel empowered and take ownership of the liberry. Here, let me help with a new slogan:

"The Library - it's where we keep the books, dumbass."

Or how about ...

"Hey, freshman, try acting like a college student, and do some fuckin' research. We already know you don't know shit."

Best of luck.

- ðryw

geoff said...

No, I wish that were the case. We're going to design a logo for the Library!