Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I burned straight through this book. From the opening chapter with its perturbed girl-child spirit torturing the family dog and messing up a birthday cake I was hooked. What haunts Sethe and Denver and 124 is a compelling manifestation of guilt and 're-memory.' She haunts America.

A truly magnificent novel, as good as any American novel I've encountered--no mean praise that. You should read it today.


parnellpr said...

the bluest eye is pretty good. Very sad though as i remember so you'll need the kleenex. Pippa

Anonymous said...

I was just about to type the exact thing that Pippa has just commented. It is equally as good (if not better) than Beloved. I believe your lovely wife is the one who got Danie hooked on the Big Box, that would be Toni and Slade's children's book they wrote together. Awesome but sad as hell! Lil sis-

geoff said...

Eventually I'll read it. I've read Song of Solomon and Paradise, which were also excellent--but Beloved burns with a spark of genius, on the same plateau as Faulkner or Melville. A rare novel.