Monday, August 07, 2006

Eat Me

It's been more than 15 years since I tried psilocybin. JHU now enthuses about the stuff. I propse it should be available as a daily vitamin supplement for those interested, thus ridding us of Prozac and Ridlin and whatnot.

Mostly my experiences involved cartoon animations appearing in corkboard, or electric lights chasing each other around posters, or faces morphing on wood grain surfaces. I got to the point I had to stop because after a while the mushrooms would wear off and the visions wouldn't.


Anonymous said...

Funny, a week ago, the Bill Hicks mushroom bit played on my iPod. Strange stuff occurs with psilocybin, mostly all good. Too bad it isn't easier to come by.

The Bill Hicks bit is here (mp3), if you haven't heard it before.

geoff said...

One of the student assistants here at the Liberry related that were one curious to find some shrooms they were easily attainable in Vancouver (or Vansterdam, as it is lovingly called by certain tourists).

Might be worth a four-day 'trip' next year.

Anonymous said...

Vansterdam has always been on my shortlist of visits (not just for these reasons).

geoff said...

Same here: mountains, forests, water. Fuel costs make travel much less attractive, however.

The Travel Shortlist:

India--(I want a bhang lassi)