Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Revoltin' Joe

I tried to watch Joe Lieberman's "I concede nothing" concession speech last night, but ample supplies of Pepto Bismol weren't available. He says people are tired of the partisanship and divisiveness in DC, and that Lamont will perpetuate those symptoms.

I got news for you Joe. People are tired of the Bush Administration eroding everything progressives have achieved since Teddy Roosevelt. They're tired of lobbyists guzzling at the public trough by building up relations with Senators over the years. They're tired of Iraq and Halliburton and torture, and worry our inevitable imperial decline has been hastened not only by Bush but by Democrats who want to play nice with these guys(I'm pointing my finger at you). They're tired of an opposition party so inept as to move rightward each time the majority heads that way, all the while claiming to be "seeking the middle." Today's middle is to the right of Barry Goldwater. The right is off the map. It's time to take the feeding tube out of your career. We don't want self-proclaimed 'progressives' who ally themselves with radical extremist Christians on Hollywood, reproductive rights, Terry Schaivo, Middle East policy, censoring music and TV, and Bill Clinton's blowjobs. Sometimes a little partisanship is a good thing. When Bush and Cheney are turning the US into a banana republic we don't need opposition Senators calling for calm and friendly capitulation. We need new blood. Maybe Lamont's not the guy, but he was the alternative to you and your bankrupt claims to represent lefty principles.

Your continuance of a campaign against your own party's nominee merely accentuates the arrogance and the entitlement people are reacting against. It was your announcement that you would run as an independent if you lost the nomination that most sank your boat in the primary. Yes, you might win--because a lot of Republicans are going to vote for you. They love you. You help them get away with murder.


Silenus said...
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Silenus said...

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings."

Let's hope this liberal turn within the party makes HRC pay dearly as well.

geoff said...

The only reason so many big Dem guns campaigned for Lieberman? They feared if he lost their own vulnerability would be amplified, "like a mirror to Nature."

Now they know the score. Particularly those with Presidential ambitions.

I just saw Tony Snow explain how Lieberman's loss is bad for democracy, because with gung-ho war supporters like him in office we can have democracies in the Middle East, and in democracies the rulers are accountable to people, whereas under tyrannies the leaders just do what they want.

There were so many self-contradictions and ironies in his little talk I had to turn it off and smoke some salvia divinorum.