Friday, August 25, 2006

Home Again

Just back from a pleasant but short stay in Berkeley Springs. The Mrs. picked up a bug from my nephew last weekend, and her condition has deteriorated steadily since, hastening our return. After a good soak in the mineral bath and a massage, she zonked out most of the day Thursday. It's been a stressful year for her at work and a snooze in the country was in order.

Sad to see that the Morgan County Courthouse right on the main square burned down--apparently due to old-timey wiring. No one was injured.

This is The Lovers' Loft at the Highlawn Inn--despite its saucy nomicker, the room proved uncomfortable to debauch. Felt like we were defiling great gramma's sitting room. We managed. No one was injured. I'd recommend the Highlawn Inn for its most spectacular breakfasts and its Victorian charms. Sandy--the proprietess--entertains like Martha Stewart on an absinth bender.

Fall comes early in the mountains.

Photo from the Peculiar Pub, NYC.

Central Park--South Central Park.

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