Monday, May 03, 2010

Day -28

I don't need to be in class any more. I should just make a recording of myself shouting "put that down," "sit down," "get away from the door," "stop touching her," "get off the counter," "do your work," "I'ma call your house," and play it on repeat at top volume for 90 minutes at a pop. It's pretty much what my job entails at the moment.

Mr. E next door showed movies today. Other teachers are doing "fun" things like word searches, or taking sick days out the ass. I'm trying not to head there, as tempting as it is. Not sure what to do, however, if the kids don't give a fuck, if their parents don't give a fuck, and if the Big Cheese doesn't give a fuck.

During planning time I boxed up half the classroom library. We are still 6 weeks out from the end of the year, but psychologically I needed to move the terminus a bit closer. Packing up a bit helped.

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