Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day -15

Oh, my God, I am SO TIRED. I wanted to work out after school today, but I was too tired. Yesterday I wanted to work out after school, but I was too busy. I've been getting hit with observations and demonstration lessons and second interviews and first interviews and now I have a goddam third interview via conference call scheduled and I'm running to other schools during planning time to teach and rushing home to plan lessons for principals from other schools to see and the AC in our building is not working and the kids are haywire and now the central air in the house is not working the AC unit roars to life but the fan and blower in the basement don't and I'm just wiped out because I woke up at 4am after going to sleep at midnight three nights in a row and summer can't come quickly enough.

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ajc said...

your almost there Geoff, before you know summer will be here, you'll have time off, and a great new job to look forward to. Just a little more to push through!