Thursday, May 06, 2010

Day -26

So TB transferred in from another school two weeks back and whenever I see kids transferring into a failing school near the end of the year I know what the deal is: fucking unmanageable behavior head cases who got put out of their last school and who are being sent to a school which is shutting down anyway.

Sure enough, TB proved to be a fucking unmanageable headcase. I saw her grab the hall monitor's chair today, and she proceded to dismantle it in the hallway on camera by smashing it repeatedly into the lockers. I went out and attempted a bit of crisis intervention, but all I got was a big "leave me the fuck alone cracker ass bitch." I called the office and no one answered, so I knocked on the police officer's door and he came out yawning and I informed him what happened and the Keystone cops rolled her up and put TB back in her math class. WTF?

Ten minutes later she started a fist fight and got her ass handed to her by a much bigger girl. Then she ran down the hall with a trashcan, dumping its contents and then proceding to dismantle the trashcan by bashing it against the lockers. This time when I called the office someone answered, but he told me they were too busy to worry about "random kids in the hallways" and hung up on me. Then someone pulled the fire alarm for the 20th day in a row.

6 more weeks of this bullshit. I'm going batty. I'm tempted to smash up a chair or two myself.

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Silenus said...

Damn, she sounds as relentless as a T1000.