Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day -20

So I had an interview last night at an East Side elementary/middle school which is unusually integrated and diverse for a City school. There is a huge Latino population, and a good portion of Asians and Caucasians as well. I felt like I was on a different planet driving up to the school and seeing several races all congregated in playful excited end-of-the-day groups. During the interview the Big Cheese asked me to describe a challenging student I'd encountered. I could not restrain myself, and instead described a panoply.

They offered me a slot to teach 8th graders next year, but said they wanted to observe me next Monday at the March before making it official. I also have a second interview and "student interaction" at a high school in which I'm really interested.

Hopefully these developments are a sign of a change in luck. i've been on a bad streak for weeks, including the strange and recurring breaking off the G-string on my Taylor during last weekend's gig.

Now, off to rehearsal.

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