Friday, April 30, 2010

Day -29

I've mentioned before how the Big Cheese at The March sits in her chair all day watching video feed and very rarely gets out in the building. Every morning she makes an announcement about sending all kids home who are out of uniform, but strangely the same kids are out of uniform every goddamn day and nobody ever gets sent home. She also always announces that kids running the halls all day will be suspended immediately, but the same kids do that too.

This morning during the announcement--which we all know by heart--I was standing outside my room with Mr. E when the IST and "acting" administrator for the sixth grade rolled up. "Instead of sitting your $100,000 per year ass in that chair all day why don't you stand at the front door when the kids come in and deny entry to the ones out of uniform? Everyone in the building knows you are lying about sending them home for running the halls, that's why the same fools keep doing it!"

So the teachers aren't the only ones frustrated by the BS flowing steadily out of the principal's office this year. Meanwhile, the kids grow more and more unmanageable by the day. I had to break up a sixth grader choking another sixth grader out in the hallway yesterday--the victim was red-faced and his eyes had rolled up in his head by the time I got the attacker restrained. Kids are getting fellated in the stairwells, an 8th grader called Ms. T a "cum catcher" and he said he was going to "slap the mole off her face" and she called him a "n*****" and said his parents and grandparents were "n******s" too, and large groups more than a dozen strong of kids were running wild on our floor all day, turning out the lights and pulling alarms and banging on walls and ripping down displays. A burly teen I've never seen before burst into my room today, told me my kids stunk like feet, and then threatened to knife me when I grabbed him and manhandled him out the door.

I don't know where the hall monitors and school police are, but I know where the Big Cheese is: locked in her office, rolling up a fat paycheck and counting the days to June 16th.

6.5 weeks to go. Hopefully I don't have a nervous breakdown in the meantime.


Jens said...

Hey Buddy,

hope you can help me about your blog from september 2005 to your trip to europe. Not all of the Magnum Pics are seen anymore in your blog. Do you have a copy of them somewhere ??
I need them for a bet. Please contact me at

Your's Josh

Nyarlathotep said...

sorry, I only linked to them online. If the original link is down I can't retrieve the image...