Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day #122

We're going to start reading a short biography of Barack Obama in class this week. I'm kind of giving up on teaching new skills, but I'm hoping to engage the kids in writing and small projects the rest of the way out. I have a feeling, however, that the kids won't give a shit about anything we come up with. They cussed out the social studies teacher for daring to give work after spring break. They are starting to give me shit in the same measure. Tough! The fourth quarter just started. We will work.

Some of the shine is off Mr. Obama; my students were awe-struck by him last year, but the sixth graders this time out think he's a square. He ain't sportin' "fly" tennies or "bling." He got no neck tats, and he don't wear rosaries in red or blue. We'll read the book any way, and do work, and hopefully I can get the kids interested in some stuff about the wider world along the way. If not, we'll plunge back into the Bluford series, and pick up with "Until We Meet Again."

Waiting for a phone interview with the principal at a small transformation school with a high-school and middle-school opening. Not sure his organization--which focuses on teaching technical skills and trades--is my bag, but I need to find something or else I'll end up at some random shit-hole again next year. I wish ACCE would call me and schedule an interview. I've been waiting for weeks!

Today my first period class was so rowdy and loud they couldn't hear me blowing the whistle, banging on the desk, or shouting, so I drew a thought balloon on the chalkboard which said "I'm angry!" inside, and then I stood next to it. Suddenly the kids started shushing each other and saying "he's angry!" and things got quiet. Funny what they notice.

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