Thursday, April 08, 2010

Day #117

Oh, man, this week has been WAR, constant WAR. The kids are suffering from the heat (three 90-plus days in a row) and from hay fever (record pollen counts already) and they continue to labor under the misapprehension that school is over after Spring Break. This week has been about re-establishing the rules and classroom procedures and making sure we still know how to act.


But today we reached a pretty good detente. I fought hard battles with last period in particular all week, but a few well-placed phone calls and a couple surprise parent visits made quite a difference. We had a big blow-up in there today but I quickly reined them in: good thing, too, because right after peace descended so did a surprise inspection by Headquarters big wigs. They came in and took notes about my room and about my objective, my lesson plan, and what they observed in the class. Things went well apparently, but I got no feedback, just a couple of cards saying "Thank you for letting us observe your class today."

Tomorrow is Friday, which isn't really a big deal this week, because Saturday is Cha's annual fund-raiser, so I'll be working on Saturday at Taste The Arts. This year it's at the American Visionary Art Museum instead of at Center Stage, so I'm a bit stoked about that. I dig the AVAM.

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