Sunday, December 13, 2009


A busy weekend fer shure. Thursday we caught Ellen Cherry's New Years CD release party, which was great fun. There was the Ernie Fowler Trio, there was piano, there was mandolin, there were cellos, there was electric bass and organ, there was a variety of guitars, there was harmony singing, and there was even tuba surprise. And poetry readings! I like the CD a lot; several of the songs are from the Years EP, but they have been updated into swingier, more jazzy affairs with exceptional guitar and bass playing and intricate harmonizing. You should snatch them up here as holiday gifts.

Thursday evening I had insomnia and was awake all night, which made dragging my weary ass through the school day even more taxing than usual. Got home at 4:30 and took a 40-minute nap before being awakened by a phone call, and then headed down to Mick O'Shea's for set-up. The gig went very well. Many old friends dropped by and brought folks along. There was a table of former employees from the old Towson Borders, my sister brought a friend from back in the day, and a solid contingent of Seamus United came out. We hadn't played together in months so the first set was a bit stiff, but once that girl from Ireland jumped up and started dancing our energy levels jumped up and we had a blast.

Last night was Bernie's 40th birthday party out in the sticks. Again, saw many old friends I don't see often enough. And yes, we sound like old people when we talk (topics of conversation: kids today don't know how to work, injuries and aches and pains, the gummerment, etc, etc), but we can still cut a rug.

Today is a day of rest. I should, however, be cleaning the house and doing some lesson plans. But I'm so lazy!

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