Monday, December 14, 2009

day #64

Held detention today for the entire last period class. They plucked my nerves so hard I gave the entire class detention for the entire week. Their behavior is extraordinary; even Dr. Belly, the new AP, came in and shrieked at them to no effect.

So I'll make them spend an extra half-hour with me every day until they fly right.

6.5 work days until the holiday break. I am totally stoked, dude, as the kids say when they are trying to mock me for being white. Their entire conception of "whiteness" comes from Disney channel shows and the film Half Baked.


Silenus said...

One time Pat Concern was riding his bike around in the 'jects and someone yelled out "HEYYYYY DUUUUUUUDE, COOOOOOL!!!" Pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

not too far from te truth. Half Baked was a documentary, right?

:) jv