Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day #68

So last period might get a lot easier. In one fell swoop, three of the four major troublemakers in the room are gone. JV got transferred out to Mrs. T's class after his IEP meeting. T, because of his age and size, got promoted to 8th grade at an institution for kids who are two years behind schedule. The same thing happened for Pumpkinhead.

I met Pumpkinhead last year. He had health with Miss J next door to me last period last year, but he would always "dip out" and hang around my door. After a while I started letting him in just to get him out the hallway. "Gimme some gum," he would say, and then he'd kind of wander around my room, looking at me as I taught. He failed sixth grade and ended up in my language arts class this year.

Mostly I get along well with Pumpkinhead, but he's been driving me batty the last two weeks. He's known about the possibility he was moving up two grades for a while, and like a long-lost dog being returned home in a car, he kept moving to the door, putting his head out in the hall, and panting, excited about what was around the bend. This caused no end of consternation, because the Big Cheese hates kids hanging around the doors, and she has a camera trained right on my door. I'd shriek at him, he'd get gruff, I'd get in his face and he would break into a wide grin and say "I'm sorry Mr. G. Where's my gum?" He's a "straight-up clown," but I'ma miss him. Hope he does well.

T is also gone. T I won't miss at all, with his smart mouth and his threats to hit me. But I will always regard him as a failure; I set out early to get him and work with him and I failed. I don't like failing. I antagonized him and made him belligerent instead. But he was very challenging. I hope he does well too. But good riddance!

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