Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Aw, what a tender-hearted Christmas movie! An ailing police Captain is trying to 'civilize' his corner of the Outback, but restless aborigines and a disturbed gang of Irish brothers make it difficult. After the spectacular rape/massacre of an entire family, the Captain brings in two of the three brothers, but lets one go on a mission to track down and kill the most disturbed of the Burns boys. Bleak, harrowing, and dusty, The Proposition was scripted by Nick Cave (who also did the songs) and was directed by John Hillcoat. The cast is excellent, and includes John Hurt as a bounty hunter [spoiler alert: easily his best death scene since Alien].

How did I find out about The Proposition? Because I was considering seeing Hillcoat's take on Cormac McCarthy's The Road, but wanted to learn more. I think he's up to the material...

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Denise Hagvall said...

Michael Wainwright recommended this movie to me.