Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day #65

I've got my head back on straight lately at school. Instead of letting the pressure get to me I'm easing back and going with the flow, teaching when I can, ignoring the bullshit from superiors, trying to handle my business.

As a result, I can find the kids amusing again, instead of simply agonizing. For example, their propensity to add an additional "uh" syllable to the ends of words cracks me up:

"DeeDee, you have detention today. Don't talk again or I'ma call your house!"


"Are you building an ark?"

"What is you talking about?"

During 2nd period I started calling the kids their names but I added the terminal "uh" syllable: Michael-uh, Misha-uh, To The Point-uh, etc.

First period I played MJ during class work time. DeBoast got up to do an impromptu moonwalk, and it looked great for about two yards and then he fell on his can. Uproarious!

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