Thursday, May 08, 2008

Decisions, decisions

So events are conspiring against me. The innovation high school called and left a message asking me back for Phase II of their interview process, but this would happen next Monday. By Tuesday if I have not signed a contract I could lose any other offers to other applicants and if I fail in Phase II or III of the high school interview process I might end up placed inside a school where nobody in his or her right mind would set foot.*

There's also a rumor going 'round that the City is changing their minds about letting us re-pay our Notre Dame tuition by working in any public City school for three years, and that we will be required to do three years in a middle school as originally planned. In other words, I could take a high school position and be forced to leave it for a middle school job, or if I refused to leave the high school I would have to pay the City back my Notre Dame tuition.

Plus, some goofball at the school headquarters found out I was offered a job and wrote myself and the principal an email announcing my acceptance of the position, even though I haven't yet decided to accept it. Now the principal thinks I'm definitely coming to her school, and if I don't she has to start interviewing again and I will be making enemies in the system.

Man, I do not want to settle for any old position, especially if I turn out to be as good at this as I think I might be. But perhaps I should just take the 7th grade gig.

*Of course the school I'm currently at tops this list of least popular placements. If I ended up there again next year via lottery it would just be another year of the same

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fernie said...

Look back on the 5th of May and ask HIM again for help. Or Buddha or whatever. Sometimes you need to do that.

Don't listen to rumors; just go for it!