Sunday, May 04, 2008


Yeah, I think I liked it. I have some reservations however:
  • the use of the narrative "we," which is intended to show the degree of absorption inside corporate culture of each individual into a hive identitiy, is gimicky and quickly tiresome
  • the story is episodic and seems stitched together and the amusing anecdotes are often not that funny and not that suprising to anyone who has actually had a job in a corporation
  • ditto for the caricatures of people who work in corporations
  • I can't talk about the po-mo trick unleashed near the end, because it's a spoiler. It's not wholly unbearable here, but said trick is like the "it was all a dream ending": done to death!

So I didn't like it until the "shift," about which I shan't speak in case you are reading or going to read it, and then I must admit I became interested in the book as a novel instead of just as a gimmicky farce about corporate behavior. Do I think this should have been nominated for the National Book Award? Hell, no. But I liked it well enough to finish it.

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