Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Man, I am loving this spring. Lots of rain, cool days, and wind. I know many think it's a drag, but I work in a building with no AC. I'll take this weather until the second week of June.

Barely half of my students are coming to school on any given day. They don't come if it rains, they don't come if it's sunny, they are done with 8th grade--except for those who will be back in 8th grade next year. I am done with this year also. Can't get up much enthusiasm any more. Lukie writes the lessons, I deliver 'em. Rinse and repeat.

Not doing much here of late--I apologize. But coming down the pike are my thoughts on: about 8 books, the 2nd season of BSG, and my first year as a Balto City teacher.

Right now, however, I'm off to meet Silenus for Resurrection Ales at the Brewer's Art. He's back in town from NYC, clerking in the judicial system down here. I'm going to give him some names to watch out for.

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