Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Wire

We just watched episode 7 of Season 4. So far the re-creation of City schools is reasonably accurate (though kids carry sunflower seeds, not pistachios). There's a prison knife-fight in the episode, filmed in the stairwell outside our school cafeteria and inside the cafeteria, which cracks me up. That stairwell is like a prison, with a ridiculous wrought iron cage the kids swing from as they run down the steps. It makes me happy to see Omar Little walking where I work every day.

Also, the kid who copied his math homework from a girl and copied her name at the top too is in my homeroom and first period class. He's a smart-ass. I took his test away and gave him a zero for talking just last week. I didn't know he was in the show.


ellen cherry said...

i heart omar. keep watching, we're up to ep. #11. he's in it alot more. snoop--she's scary.

thanks for coming to the show last night. hope everything is okay with p's family. sorry again to hear of the loss. hope you are both OK.

Casey said...

Snoop is among scariest things in the world. Well, fictional things, anyway.

Can't wait for the new (and final) season. It's supposedly about the media -- I think Geoff should become a newspaperman, so we can assess its accuracy.