Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Day 65

Today, during a simple walk to the Men's Faculty restroom and back, I:
  • stopped Rasheer from bashing a 7th grade boy in the head with a chair
  • stepped between a faculty member and an 8th grader as they started shoving each other
  • was hit by a flying muffin in the back
  • was hit in the side of the head by what I believe to be a white marble or possibly bracelet bead
  • was asked by an out-of-breath school police officer if I'd seen a girl in a white hat brandishing a large knife
  • broke up a fight between TJ and three 7th graders
  • saw a girl in a white hat with a knife running down the stairs

Topping everything off, we had no heat in our classroom today. It was 40 degrees. The principal yelled at us because we were allowing students to wear hoodies and jackets over their uniform shirts. "You gotta be consistent with the rules!" she screamed. Not when there's no fucking heat we don't!

The holiday break can't come soon enough. Today I finished with grad class number 6, and Saturday will mark the end of grad class number 7. 21 credits in 3 months. Whew.


ellen cherry said...

hang in there dude. what kind of hat was that girl wearing??

Nyarlathotep said...

Faux fur.