Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blow Back

Saw Charlie Wilson's War yesterday. It's entertaining, and tells a story few Yanks know. What makes it more a film than a movie is the surprising subtlety of its criticism of covert meddling by Americans in an effort to embarrass the Soviets*. Hanks and Hoffman are very good, but Julia Roberts again is simply a mannequin pushed around the screen. Why does she have such star power?

Will its audience realize that we have of late been doing exactly the same terrible things the Soviets did to Afghanis? To quote Philip Seymour Hoffman as Gust in the film: "We'll see."

*And what's missing from the film is the fact that Carter Administration figures conspired to lure the Soviets into Afghanistan in the first place--as Zbigniew Brzezinski has acknowledged. So who's really to blame for Soviet atrocities in Afghanistan?


ellen cherry said...

Roberts bores me in every movie. She never disappears. It's always her big face with her big guffaw--never a character. You don't ever forget it's her! I found her laugh and "acting" less annoying and maybe even charming in "Mystic Pizza". Then she screwed Lyle over and that was it, (beyotch!!) But i'm in love with Hoffman's 'stache in the promo pics and want to see this.

We finished the Wire on Saturday. prepare to cry. maybe you won't. you see much tougher stuff than i do every day. but i was sad, disappointed, disheartened afterwards.

we also watched The Host, Spidey 3, Stardust, and Bourne Ultimatum. All were really good. Of course, I was on drugs.

happy holidays to you and P and your families!

Nyarlathotep said...

We watched the penultimate episode last night--it's like nothing really happens for 9 episodes and then whammo! What better way to spend Xmas eve than watching episode 13.

Roberts--I thought she was ok in Closer and Erin Brokovitch, but I just don't get why she's considered a great beauty or a great actress. IMHO she's neither. Then again, I'm no great beauty or actress either.

You guys have a merry as well.