Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Day 64

While not working on their comprehension guide for "The Diary of Anne Frank," Will and Maurice wave me over. Thinking they want help with one of the questions, I ask what they need.

"You hittin' that yet?" Will asks, pointing at Lukie. "Tell the truth now. We all knows you hittin' it." Every time Lukie wears slacks instead of a skirt the young men get a bit distracted and start asking me this. The last time Lukie wore slacks E. Muffin told me his tummy felt funny when he looked at her.

I've been through this with the kids a dozen times and it never sinks in. I tell them that no, Lukie and I are not having an affair, and I explain further that Lukie has a handsome young boyfriend and doesn't need to chase after ugly old men, while I have a lovely wife and I have no intention of screwing that up.

"I'd hit that if I was you," Maurice says.

Will points at Miss P the special educator. "You hittin' her instead? I bet you hittin' both of 'em. I'd hit both of 'em. They both got back."

Then Maurice tells me I should change my hairstyle. "Them ladies be on you if you had a fade."

During class Mr. C has a major fist-fight break out in his room. The gayest kid in 8the grade calls Mr. C "faggy ass," and Chanell, who was suspended for fighting earlier this year, jumps in and says "You the gayest muthafucka in school and you gonna call Mr. C gay?" The two of them start throwing punches at each others' heads. They fall on top of and then behind Mr. C's desk. Lukie runs over to help break it up. I hear later that Chanell handled her business. Both of them get jacked up for two days.

In third period Benard calls me over to help him with his comprehension guide. The question asks how Peter and Anne's relationship has changed since they first moved into the Secret Annex. Benard is confused by it. I ask some questions to get him thinking about Act II, Scene I, and the talk Peter and Anne have. "Oh, I get it. They started by fighting a lot, but now they like you and Miss Lukie!"


Anonymous said...

you and miss lukie...
sittin' in a tree...


I guess better you and HEr than you and Mr. C...

:) jv

ellen cherry said...

would you be interested in being the first in the blog-o-gentia to review the new e.c. cd? i have a secret press page that i'll be directly reviewers to listen to the new tracks. let me know if you're at all interested. i'm only hitting you up because you have a massive readership and i respect your opinion. yes, i'm using you. is that okay?

hee, my word verification was "virtit" to my 12-year-old brain, that's funny.

Nyarlathotep said...

Interested? Well, hell yes--and honored.

But can he possibly do it justice?

"Virtit" is almost as funny as "massive readership."

ellen cherry said...

tee-hee. it's freakin' cold. i wish i had a faux fur hat in white.

i'll send you the link to your e address. thank you so much,