Monday, December 03, 2007

Day 64

Dru Hill is one of least favorite students. He's rude, he's childish, he's spoiled. He isn't without intelligence or charm but acts like an ass 99% of the time. For homework the kids had to answer a question about "The Diary of Anne Frank" and Dru wrote: "Fucking Nazis are Jew bastard pussies." He thought that was funny. Lukie called his mom and while she was telling her about his behavior Dru walked up to her desk and threw a condom on it. "Tell her about that, too, bitch!" he shouted. Then he started dancing at the front of the classroom. We bounced him from the class and sent him to the office.

Later he jumped on my back in the hallway and wrapped his arms around my chest and arms in some hare-brained attempt to drop me. I shrugged him off and he went down hard on his stomach; I didn't intend to do it but when someone jumps on my back and I have no warning I react instinctively.

"Dag, Dru," TJ said. "Mr. G dropped you on your nut."

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