Thursday, June 09, 2011


Summer's not quite here yet but Baltimore bakes in its second extreme heat wave this year. The temperature cracked triple digits today, God knows what the heat index is, and schools closed at noon for the fourth time in two weeks due to extreme heat conditions.

My class room was intolerably hot at 6:30 this morning. By the time the kids arrived at 8:30 the principal ordered me to take them to the slightly cooler cafeteria to do some work, and thence to the air-conditioned science room out in the pod behind the building for second period.

Most of the kids have stopped coming to school, and we still have a full academic week and a conference week to go. By the time I get to break down my room, sometime around June 23rd and 24th, the City will be broiled.

I wouldn't come to school either. By the end of 1st period I'm drenched in sweat, the kids are surly and lethargic and apathetic. We're not being productive at all.

In a bit more than 2 weeks, however, we're off to Costa Rica for white water rafting, rain forest canopy touring, coral reef snorkeling, volcanic cone hiking, cabin on the beaching, and hopefully at least four or five days of absolute downtime as well. It still seems an eternity away, but I know I'll be flying home from San Jose in a flash....

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