Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day #179

So we're still in school this week because of a delayed opening. The rest of Bmore is done and on vacay. It's been chill--a few kids here and there, but mostly meetings and planning for next year and tearing shit down and boxing it up.

I'm already in summer mode. Saturday I plan to do a major house-cleaning, including windows and fishtank and detailed floor scrubbing, and then Sunday we're off to Costa Rica for 10 days. I should really do some more planning for that trip, but I don't care if I sit in a hammock on the beach for the entire span.

One more day: a literacy meeting, a data meeting, and likely a look at our MSA results. Then: freedom, terrible freedom!

Congrats to some poets I know: Dan Bouchard got a poem in The Nation, and Pattie McCarthy won a PEW Fellowship. Both are fellow Temple alums, and both did time in the Borders book mines as well.

Congrats are also in order for blogger extraordinaire Steven Hart, who just published his first novel:

Lucky followers of his blog got to read an online draft of this book a while back. Now you can read the finished product, and I recommend you grab it before you head to the beach this summer.

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Steven Hart said...

Thanks, teach! You have a great summer.