Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Move Like Seamus

So we had a big gig last Saturday, and it was necessary to dust off instruments and build up callouses and cough up cobwebs in order to get ready. Not only did Earthdragon get the band back together, but he got all former members of the band to come out of retirment as well (excepting of course Doctor Rock, who lives in London). Seamus supergroup rules!

We had a very special night at Raj and Jennifer's wedding. We were asked back twice after we finished, because they wanted to hear more songs. How many wedding bands get asked back?

The dance floor was rocking! How could it not be, with double cello, two or three guitars, fiddle, bass, two monster drummers, and the likes of Drew Vervan and Ellen Cherry on lead vocals?

The gig blew by in a flash. As a long-time fan of the band before I joined, I must say it was an honor to jam with the original members. And it was great to play with my bandmates again as well. The Seamus United fans were ecstatic.

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