Saturday, June 04, 2011

Book #18

I've heard a lot of hub-bub about the latest HBO series, and I needed something to read this summer while trying to relax my brain, and I remembered reading some George R.R. Martin way back in Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, and then I read this post on Steven Hart's Site. And I bought the series of paperbacks.

I didn't realize they were each in excess of 800 pages. Nor did I realize that the labyrinthine cast of characters and houses and conspiracies would hardly allow me to relax my brain. But I enjoyed Game of Thrones nonetheless. Yes, there's some sword and sorcery, but not so much sorcery in this volume. Mostly it's political jockeying leading up to war. Its complexities remind me of Dune. Martin is refreshingly willing to foil expectations by killing off or seriously injuring any character at any time. Even those apparently set up as heroes for whom the reader pulls.

Aside from a dalliance with Jack Vance last year, I've not touched a huge fantasy series since the mid-'80s and Stephen R. Donaldson. It's kind of fun to dip into an old familiar well. I look forward to the TV show on Netflix, since we haven't got HBO.


Nick said...

Yes, imagine how Tien felt about that NYT review! We both love the series. So did David B. if you remember him from bitd. Saw the first ep of the TV series--not bad, a little worried about some characterization but want to see more to see where they're going with it.

Nyarlathotep said...

Hey Nick! I was just thinking of you yesterday. Hope you guys are well, etc.

I'm about a third into the second book. Love Tyrion the dwarf, and am interested by the fact that most fantasy series have dwarves of a different sort!

Yeah, this year was pretty cool. We're off to Costa Rica for two weeks soon. I need to sit next to the ocean and get away from city life for a while.

Have to catch up this summer at some point. Most of my socializing is via Facebook these days, alas! But I have seen Cuno a few times recently.

Nick said...

Yeah--I saw him a couple of mornings and he honked at us! I just only joined Facebook--I had to 'cos I'm back in school this fall :o

We are doing fine--thx for asking. BTW Tyrion is our favorite as well.