Monday, August 30, 2010

T Minus 5 Days

So the rest of B'more went back to school today. Because we took over a decrepit building and the remodel ran long we're starting a week late (meaning we're staying a week longer in the summer, d'oh). But whatever. My room is ready, so the rest of this week I'll be planning and researching and doing little PDs and collaborative work around the school to get ready. I met a couple of my kids today. They were cute and wee for 6th graders!

I've had some crazy sinus bug since the last week of July and it is driving me nuts. I feel weak and sniffly and achy all the time. Usually this doesn't happen until around the end of October, when the kids start getting sick and passing their germs to me. I can't work out, and when I can't work out I get agitated and grumpy and that doesn't help me heal. Netti pot, vitamins, lots of fluids--nada!

Today at lunch I needed to get some stuff at Staples so I drove over in the 96 degree heat to Russell Street, which is five minutes from my school, to find that the Russell Street Staples is GONE. Muthafucka. Now I gots to go to Towson for that shit. UGH.

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