Tuesday, August 10, 2010


In 7th grade I read one of the Prydain novels, but I forget which one: perhaps Taran Wanderer? At any rate, since I'm teaching 6th and 7th graders now and into the forseeable future I figure I should start getting more acquainted with literature directed at them.

I enjoyed The Book of Three. It's funny how Gurgi was the only character I really remembered from before, and he's still my favorite. Not sure why.

Today we had a meeting at school which of course reminded me that I'm no longer an English or Language Arts teacher; I'm a Social Studies teacher. Best get that clear as I move forward. But I'm also responsible for literacy (the class is actually called Humanities), so I can still justify reading fun novels. How The Book of Three ties into our upcoming trimester unit on immigration and industry in Baltimore's Pigtown hasn't yet congealed for me; perhaps some linkage betwixt Pigtown and Hen Wen?

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