Thursday, August 19, 2010

It Never Ends

So a couple days ago as I was driving up McCullough Street behind my house I saw Tattyana, a sixth grade hellion from the March, standing at the corner of Whitelock Ave. Today I saw Tattyana smoking a blunt with two other girls in the park across from my house as I sat on the stoop reading Foreign Policy.

Tattyana is 12 years old.

I think I still have her mother's cell phone number, but it won't do much good to call, given that Tattyana's mother smokes weed in front of her all the time. If Tatyana is over here on the West Side it's likely that Tattyana's mother is back in the Big House anyhow. Tattyana's aunt lives over here some place.

Tattyana is bad news. She's really brilliant and capable but she uses all her energies for evil. She incites weaker-willed children to do her bidding, and is often the one pulling strings behind violent beat-downs of girls she dislikes.

I'm hoping she's only staying over here for the summer. I don't want to have to see her all the time. I also don't want her to know where I live.

On a happier note, I strolled around the neighborhood at my new school today during lunch break: I checked out Carroll Park, and took a hike around SoWeBo. Got hit up for smokes several times--but I couldn't oblige--and was offered a really reasonable price for a carnal act by a rather weathered young blond. The professional development meetings have, however, been of superior quality and practicality. That's an enormous step up from the other schools in which I've worked for BCPSS.

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