Friday, August 27, 2010

Another Day in the 'Hood

Cha and I were in the kitchen this morning when she saw a dude sneaking around a couple houses down. He was in the back yard, moving stealthily, pretty obviously trying to find a means of entry. The house he was approaching is a rental with 3 units, only one of which is currently occupied. Dude who lives there has a bunch of Rent-A-Center stuff in his apartment. I know 'cuz I helped him move some stuff in.

I called 911 and made a report, not expecting a timely response from B'more's Finest. But they arrived within five minutes, just after the guy snuck off down the alley, apparently unsuccessful in his attempted B&E. A female officer rolled up and I was giving her a description when another cruiser pulled in and two vigorous male officers ran over. There was obviously some tension on the part of the female officer. The males yelled at me "Did you call?" and the female responded sarcastically "No, he's just fucking talking to me!" Then she sneered and pulled off. I gave the males the description too, and told them what I'd seen, and that I'd never seen the dude before.

As I was driving to work I saw them checking the guy's ID and questioning him. Glad to see that. Maybe he'll think twice before he snoops around yards in our neighborhood again.

There was a lot of 5-0 activity this morning. I saw a white guy in distress, seated on the sidewalk and leaning against a building at MICA. Several squad cars and a detective were on site. Don't know what that was about. Also saw another guy getting rolled up at the corner of Eutaw and Madison. The long, hot summer is drawing to a close.

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