Friday, November 20, 2009

Day #53

Six Faces was off the chain today, but she is always off the chain. Typically she starts beating people or kicking them in the hall before I get her to class. Sample atrocities: stabbing a boy in the perenium with a pencil, bashing somebody with a dictionary in the face, kicking random boys in the nards, trying to kick and bite me. Her mom and aunt have been to school so often that they have invited me out for drinks.

Because Six Faces is medicated for a variety of emotional and psychological disorders, she cannot be punished if her behavior is a result of her disorders. Which means we can't put her out of school, or out of class. She can in effect run rampant in the classroom and I can't do a damn thing about it; I'm legally constrained from denying her access to my classroom, and she has already topped the max number of suspension days she can have. I send her to the office for kicking someone in the teeth and she gets sent right back to class.

Fortunately her mother comes in when I call. Poor soul works late shift as a nurse and then has to wake her weary ass up and come chew out her daughter at school. Sometimes she takes Six Faces home, which is ideal, because the parent can do so even though we can't send her home. But if she doesn't take her out of the building Six Faces is up to her old tricks as soon as mom rolls out the door.

So Six Faces is nuts. Everyone knows it. She ran out into the hallway and came back in and said another student who'd taken the bathroom pass was naked and locked in the bathroom. I thought she was telling one of her whoppers and continued administering a test, but then discovered that Squirrelly was gone longer than expected on his bathroom pass. Sure enough, he was butt nekkid in the boy's room and the door was locked. An 8th grader had stripped him and locked him in there as a prank. I had to go downstairs on planning time to look through videotapes of the hall cameras and try and find the thug responsible. Just when you think you've seen it all...

So Six Faces' mom and aunt and the administrator and some of her teachers met and we're going to move her to the self-contained emotionally disturbed class after her next IEP meeting. We have very good ED staff and she'll benefit from a smaller setting and teachers who are trained in physical restraint techniques. Am I pleased to send kids over there? Hell no. But she's a danger to self and others, and on top of her violence she's very sexually forward and I worry about older boys taking advantage.

As for Squirrelly, we have to make sure he wasn't assaulted by the 8th grade boy who stole his clothes.

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ellen cherry said...

jeebus. hang in there. holiday break is coming. thank you for doing this job and writing about it. you are braver than i.