Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day #50

Stopped today to help a colleague: he was out in the hall holding a young man who was trying to get back in the room to bang somebody. I stepped around Mr. A and just stood in his door as a kind of back-up to keep kids from coming out or getting in. Just as I situated myself the seventh grader being restrained burst free and came at me swinging. He didn't hurt me or anything, but I was surprised at how quickly and ferociously he attacked. Dr. Belly, the new AP, happened to be there. "You assault my teacher, you go to jail!" he bellowed, hauling the boy away kicking and screaming in a headlock.

In a crummy mood outside of work: plumbing problems in the master bath at home have caused a hidden leak somewhere which has damaged the 2nd-floor ceiling. There's also a roof leak and the roofing contractor who guaranteed their work for 10 years no longer exists, and then yesterday the deadbolt on the basement door broke: not a good thing in Baltimore to have a sketchy lock. All of these repairs are likely to be expensive, and my car is acting wonky too. After last weekend's nor'easter it's even more fitting to say: "When it rains, it pours..."

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