Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day #51

Nothing really new to report. Parents barging into my room to threaten students with ass-kickings. One Mom on Monday: "Any you muthafuckas fuck with my chile I'ma fuck you up, you hear me?" This after I spent 10 minutes jawing about the inappropriateness of violence. Kids started talking smack to the woman: "My cousin gonna beat you uglier than you is," "My sister know how to fight, I know where you live bitch!" until her boyfriend came to my door then I had to start pushing adults out the door and trying to defuse a confrontation.

Note to main office: stop giving parents visitor's passes and just letting them roam the building unless you know what their business is!

Two of my favorite students failed my class. When I gave them their report cards they started crying. Both are boys. "I thought you liked me," they said. "Well, I do. But you still have to do your work." Both of them stopped doing most of their assignments weeks ago, and my protestations fell on deaf ears. I think they really thought I would let them slide!

Got my bike back from Baltimore Bicycle Works. Nice to take work to an IWW shop.

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