Tuesday, November 24, 2009


A recommendation from John,who suggested Groo following my plea for a graphic novel of substance which was not all angst and gloom.

Yes, there's ultra-violence and not-so-subtle politcal and media criticism in Groo, but it's all balanced by chuckles and Sergio Aragones--who did marginal doodles for Mad Magazine back in the day--knows how to ink a pleasurable comic. The central character is a Conan-type wanderer who lives by his sharp swords and dull wits. I needed a book like this to help me finish off a couple weighty tomes, which I'll get to later this week.

Ellen Cherry also suggested a graphic novel fit for what ails me: I'll have to track down Lost Girls soon....


ellen cherry said...

you can borrow my copy if i can borrow some flicks in a similar genre. problem is, you might want to end of up keeping it. :)

Nyarlathotep said...

You can borrow some flicks in a similar genre any time. But I thought you found them in the yard from time-to-time?

As for borrowing Lost Girls...nobody wants to lend a pervy guy their filthy comics!