Wednesday, August 12, 2009

summer wanes

A week and a half until I go back to work. Teachers are supposed to have a week before students arrive to prepare their rooms and start planning lessons, but in my brief experience the week before students return is filled with pointless, contradictory, and aggravating meetings. I'll likely not even find out what room I'm in or what grades I'm teaching until the Friday before school starts.

Who cares?

Tonight I'm off to beautiful south-central PA to assist my brother-in-law as he repairs damage to my parents' roof. In an attempt to prevent trees from falling into their roof, they hired a guy to bring some down. One of these smashed into the garage. An ounce of prevention?

At any rate it's weird being on a ladder with a hammer again. I don't miss it at all!

1 comment:

fernie said...

It was worth having a ruined roof to have you visit two nights in a row! Loved it! Thanks so much!!