Tuesday, August 04, 2009


The early passages describing Charles' perambulations in antiquarian Providence are simply lovely-and I don't mean "simply lovely for Lovecraft." Even pulp writers can wax poetic about their passions, and HPL's home town was an excellent muse here.

The story? Not as good as I remembered, but it was fun nonetheless to re-visit those subterranean catacombs echoing with nocturnal and unpronouncable incantations.

I wonder, has anyone done a porn parody of the Cthulu mythos?


Steven Hart said...

Track down a copy of Harlan Ellison's anthology Again, Dangerous Visions and you'll find a James Blish story that offers mildly smutty and pretty funny takes on H. Rider Haggard, Lord Dunsany and -- yes! -- H.P. Lovecraft. The oft-bebauched heroine keeps breaking into Lovecraftian incantations like "Ia ia! Ow! The Club With a Thousand Members!"

Nyarlathotep said...

Not hard to bird-dog, given its location on a bookcase within easy reach. I read that tome as a teen but somehow don't recall the story. Thanks for the tip!

Silenus said...

What amazes me about porn these days is that it has gone to just about every extreme. For example I recently viewed a lesbian clip on pornhub.com in which one chick used a penis pump to prolapse the anus of they other. When the intestine had filled the pump she exclaimed "yea! a rosebud!" as if this were some common move you might pull one night on a girl you take home from the bar.

Anyway, I think there is still some room for exploration in porn. I'd like to see more exploration of different themes. Lovecraft and other science fiction seems ripe for the picking. Especially if Sasha Grey stars.