Sunday, August 09, 2009


I'm a trainee on a police force. Members of my unit include a woman, a robot, and Dirty Harry. There's a long involved narrative with an evil scientist villain which I can't recall. I am in the office restroom which is ungendered. As I use the urinal the woman is telling me how astonished she is that Dirty Harry has been so nice of late. I agree with her, though I never really knew him when he was not nice. I tell her something which I don't think of as a betrayal, but moments after she leaves Dirty Harry breaks the door off its hinges and yells at me. I get the sense that she told him what I said, and that he interpreted it as a betrayal of trust. I think he is against all robots and that my comment led him to believe that I don't think all robots are bad. His exertions have hurt him and he is kneeling on the floor. I realize how old he is, and comfort him by putting my arm around his shoulders.

Our mission is to infiltrate the mad scientist's lair and destroy his robot. I am given a small weapon which is made of two discs with holes around the circumference on one and small dents on the other. Long plastic tubes go through the holes and fit into the dents, joining the two discs together. All of this must be lined up for firing, but as nothing is permenantly attached I am having trouble getting the weapon ready. Finally it works. I destroy the scientist's robot, and then to appease Dirty Harry I destroy our robot too. He walks me up onto a hill in the desert. There is a monstrous man with a gun on his hip there who is the scientist's sidekick, but he tells us we can't arrest him for lack of evidence and starts walking away. Dirty Harry says "What can I do? He's a lawyer!" but then he wrestles the man to the ground. The man wails pitifully, becomes a buffalo and jumps up. The buffalo runs over to a circular dug-out area on the cliff, and a wolf and bull arrive at the same time. As the two bovines charge each other the wolf is caught between them, snarling. The impact sends the bull flying over the cliff and I wake up.


ellen cherry said...

can i be a character in your dream sometime? it sounds like they are fun and i want to watch this stuff in real time instead of reading it over tea in the morning. surely, there's an "app" for that: inviting other people into your dreams?

i had a dream saturday night that i was walking on a cement curb around a coastal town in Croatia searching for a pizza joint. the rocky beach was to one side and the street to the other. my mind was working like a Garmin or Google maps and i could "see" the turns i was about to make to get to my destination. however, just as i was turning left and knew that i was going to see the neon restaurant sign, my alarm went off and the scene was sucked away.

Nyarlathotep said...

Sure! The more the merrier.

I hear Croatia is beautiful. I'm jealous, I've never dreamed it before.