Monday, July 27, 2009


I've about had it with caped crusader/superhero flicks. I find the genre more than bien épuisé, and the prospects of new Spiderman or Iron Man movies makes me want to puke. I didn't see Watchmen in the theater because Dark Knight was enough for one year.

I loved every minute of it, however, including the corny sex scenes, and at 2 hours and 40 minutes that's a lot to love! One of the themes of Moore's book is of course the exhaustion of the caped crusader story, so that helped. But the film stands on its own as quality entertainment: I think the performances were almost all up to par (sorry Silk Spectre II: you are the weakest link), and some of the actors were very good. I liked the look and feel of the flick, the special effects and costumes, and I really enjoyed Rorschach in prison.

[Of course, after imbibing a carafe of quality cab sauv, some quality "coffee," and a Percocet, any movie would be fun.]

And to all the purists/fanatics who decry changes to plot? I think this is an excellent adaptation of a dense comic, and the ending in the movie is BETTER than in Moore's book. Sorry!


Anonymous said...

wake n bake, baw haw ha

ajc said...

The ending in the movie IS way better than the book. They tied it all together, and I'm glad they left out the weird island thing from the book, that didn't quite make sense. I LOVED it, Rorschach is a great character.

Casey said...

Terrible film. Incredible book.

Did we see the same movie?

Good thing we have the same taste in everything else.

Nyarlathotep said...

In my state of mind anything would have been good! But, that said, I liked it a lot.