Friday, July 03, 2009

Lima been

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much as we did with our four days in Cusco, we're using our time in Lima to chill a bit. We stroll, we take a cab somewhere, we eat, we stroll some more, we eat, we nap, we stroll. yesterday we saw a public and a private archaeological museum; both were fantastic. i love me some Mochica pottery and Chavin culture carvings! the number of advanced ancient civilizations in Peru continues to astonish...

at the Larco museum, we not only saw a marvelous array of pornographic pottery, we got to pet a really sweet Peruvian hairless. Today I got to pet three more at an adobe ziggurat here in Miraflores called Huaca Pullanca. Some of the dogs have no hair, others have comical mohawks and hair on the very ends of their tails. They are pretty cool, and would solve the 'Cha is allergic to dogs' problem we've always had with dog ownership. They also don't shed!

ate lunch on a cliff by the Pacific today. Cha is recovering from a bout of 'riding the bicycle,' a pleasant local euphemism for tourist's trots. Poor soul. I'll take getting pick-pocketed in Cusco over that any time.

Tomorrow we have a five-hour bus ride to Nazca, followed by a flight in a small plane over the lines. Can't wait. I've wanted to see the lines since I saw 'In Search Of...' with Leonard Nimoy back in like '74 or '75.

Can't believe the trip is almost over. We fly home late Monday night. How many more celebreties will die back home before we leave? On the same day MJ kicked off, a major Peruvian singing star was found murdered down here. Turns out her lesbian lover hired someone to kill her in a fit of jealous rage.

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