Friday, July 24, 2009

Back to Work August 24th

I got up at noon today-well, actually yesterday, given that it is now 12:40am. I don't think I've slept in until noon since I was like 23 or 24. It was awesome! I woke up at 7, rolled over, and went back to sleep. Then I did the same at 10:30. At noon I was still tired but forced myself to get up and go for a run.

One month until school resumes, and I think I'm almost ready. I knew my job was stressful but didn't realize the burden of negative energy I was hauling around; I was still having work anxiety dreams-which are a lot like school anxiety dreams I used to have (forgetting the locker combo, or going to school with no pants on), but now I'm the teacher instead of the student-until about a week ago. I composed a resignation letter in my head about a dozen times in June and July, but never committed it to paper, and I think I'm over that now, and am back to thinking of lesson plan ideas, etc. I saw a couple former Booker T. students at ArtScape last weekend, and instead of cringeing I was able to smile and be friendly. A good sign.

Speaking of ArtScape--Ellen Cherry was freakin' fantastic. She had a good crowd and they were really attuned to what she was doing; they were listening to the words, and were responding to the songs. The trio format works well for EC. I like Mike Prout's guitar playing a lot, and her new old bassist is a fine addition. The weather was nice, some dude on a double decker bike rode through at one point, and there were even real live church bells which blended particularly well with the mood of a song. Kudos!

Tonight at rehearsal Kristen had a new song. She cooks up rhythmically interesting stuff, and I had about a half-hour to learn the song before we recorded it. It was fun to just kind of fire-off guitar parts on a brand new tune. (not all of them were good.) We spent most of our four-hour session recording harmonies and background vocals and experimenting. Poor Kristen, I hope she liked what we did to her tune. She is playing with Matt Rocks this Saturday at the Recher. Moonlighter!

Tomorrow night we are going to see AC Milan v. Chelsea at M&T Bank Stadium. Occasionally it's kind of nice to live less than 2 miles from the stadium. I'm hoping for Ballack to step up; he's faced Ronaldinho before, and for higher stakes.


Kristen said...

You were rockin at rehearsal - beltin out vocals and spittin out guitar solos! Thanks for the shout out!

ellen cherry said...

g- you fill me with such confidence. thanks also for the shout out! and also for being there. seeing you there was great! but you noticed what i noticed too: people were actually *listening*. it was crazy!! i loved it. i felt that what we were doing was really conveyed to the audience. i was so happy. sorry for the accidental patriotic clothing. that was not planned!!!