Sunday, July 26, 2009

kids are hilarious

Cha roped my niece and nephew into helping out at her Teaching Artist Institute conference in Annapolis, so they stayed the night last night. This morning I made them pancakes, eggs, and bacon, and while they were cleaning up after eating I asked my nephew if he fed the fish upstairs for me. "No," he said, "but I will now." Then he asked for Post-It notes, and brought one back which said "Dead Fish Declaration" at the top. "You need to sign this waiver so if your fish die it's not my fault," he said.

My niece is staying in Annapolis for a few days, but I'm fetching my nephew tonight because he has football camp tomorrow. I'm glad to have some time to kid-proof the house before his return. They were amused this morning because they looked in a beer stein on a bookcase last night and found a Plamegate condom with Karl Rove on it and the motto "Stop Leaks!" "We found your condom, Uncle Geoff," my niece said this morning. I was confounded until they described it to me, and I told them about Plamegate and how the condom was handed out at a political protest. Even though it was true, the story wasn't nearly glamorous enough for them. So now I'm going to make sure there are no other small surprises around for kids with "long fingers," as Great Grandma used to say!


Anonymous said...

check the freezer! 2 late!

ajc said...

Your niece and nephew are growing up so fast, I saw them at the Taste of the Arts. And while Danie was stamping my passport, I asked if she remembered me. And she politely and efficiently said, "Yes, and have a nice day." I walked a way a little heart broken, and then I saw Jesse and asked if her remembered from New York when they had Dim Sum, and at least he was a little friendly, when he admitted he remembered me. They are getting so old!