Monday, June 08, 2009

Day 88

The 8th graders "graduated" tonight. It's a big deal, and parents filled a giant church in the 'hood to see their kids walk the stage. Too many of these families figure this might be the only time they get to see such a thing. Some of my most hateful pains-in-the-ass welled up and cried while hugging me goodbye. That's their way of saying "I wish I had let you teach me!" Several kids who failed my class and math class as well ended up mysteriously walking across the stage and getting certificates this evening. Arrrgh. Send 'em on to high school with their fifth grade skills--no wonder the graduation rate in B'more is in the 30s.

I only have 6th graders last period for the next couple of days. Of course that won't stop the higher-ups at the March from dumping other classes on me, as they did today, when other teachers call out. I tore down my entire room and packed everything up first period this morning, regardless. We have a half-dozen house guests coming this weekend and Cha's big Taste the Arts fundraiser event @ Center Stage. I want to make sure I am done hauling books and supplies out of my classroom by the middle of this week to free up time.

Sorry the posting has been sporadic and not particularly deep or engaging of late. I'm pooped. We'll get back online with more zest and verve beginning next week--with a lengthy hiatus for Peru in late June/early July.

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Nick said...

No need for apologies. Congratulations on your phenomenal year!