Saturday, July 19, 2008

K'Wali recently asked what kind of film I watch for "fun" when I'm "slumming." I said something by Werner Herzog, or Kubrick's Clockwork Orange. Of course I was joking. Hellboy 2 is the kind of slumming I enjoy, and I saw it at the Charles today.

No, it's not as good as the first, which makes it double-plus-ungood in a way. But it's got Guillermo Del Toro's fervid imagining of monsters and it's got Ron Perlman, so it has to be good in some respects. It was worth $6.

And, when I walked out of the theater and into the craziness of Artscape I got to see a couple songs by Memphis Gold. They've got a kickass harmonica-ist.

Later, we went to the Load of Fun Gallery for their Erotic Arts Festival. Cha had a photo shoot up and she was doing henna. Those who took advantage of the 'clothing optional' regs were hilarious. I spent a lot of time watching people get into the latex vacuum table. Ridiculous.

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