Thursday, July 10, 2008

hangin' around

I've been suffering back pain for about three months--I've had back issues off and on in the past, but nothing like this. I got so desperate that I bought an inversion table, which arrived today. I spent 20 minutes hanging upside-down and I feel like a new man. My eyeballs almost burst when I went full Monty for the first time, but I adjusted quickly.

Note to self: don't go to the Mughal Garden buffet before inverting.

After 3.5 weeks off the stress of last year is finally starting to fade. Now the stress of the upcoming school year builds slowly. Live in the moment.


Casey said...

WTF? Stop stealing my life. I have weird back issues, too (is yours lower?) and was thinking of getting an inversion table. It really worked?

As a matter of fact, I had to take the last two days off, because I could barely walk. M y lower back problem makes it so my right leg doesn't extend forward without excruciating pain, which reduces my gait by abut 70-80 percent.

It comes and goes -- totally unpredictable, and can last up to two weeks. I have to go to Chicago for the weekend, and am worried abut having to hobble through all my appointments.

Nyarlathotep said...

I'm going to reserve judgment on the inversion table until the back problems totally go away (how optimistic a statement is that?) but it seems to be helping after a week of inverting three times a day. I'm able to stretch the offending areas much easier with gravity working the other way.

My back problems tend to be up under the should blades--mid/upper back. When they flare up I am crippled.

Nick said...

Also meant to ask you if you've used that for other activities yet.

Nyarlathotep said...

Why yes: reading, eating, and building a little fort.