Saturday, November 06, 2010


I'm in a hitherto unknown wing of our house. I see along a crumbling baseboard a tiny critter which I believe is the mouse I saw climb into our stove the day before. I throw something at it, it stops, and waddles back to a hole in a window well. As it scrapes around a bit at the hole I realize that it is in fact a hedgehog, and then the window well collapses and reveals an exquisite, well-lit kitchen and more beasties, which all rush forward trying to enter the house. An elaborate black and red tufted bird flies directly into my hand, which I put up to stop the surging managerie, and several angel fish, somehow swimming in the air, and other rodents, and a few adorable poodlish dogs variously scamper, swim, fly, hop past me. A Disney film has erupted in my house! I see movement in the strange kitchen ahead and a matronly black woman is looking at me through the hole. I ask if she has a pet bird, and she is surprised by the question, and looks in where the bird is hopping around on the floor by the baseboard and smiles. Then she walks away into another room and I wake up.


ellen cherry said...

that's weird. i dreamt the same thing.

Nyarlathotep said...

Collective unconscious!