Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day #42

The flu is blasting through the staff and administration, mowing them down left and right. Tuesday this week there were no administrators or any counselors or support staff available. Yesterday the other middle grades Humanities teacher called out sick for today, so I helped a para set up lessons to cover her classes today. This morning that para called out so I had to hook up another para with lessons to cover for the other para covering for the original teacher.

I gave a gigantic map test today to all three classes, and felt for the first time like a Social Studies teacher. Continents and oceans! East Coast states! Major European countries and capitals! Compass roses and longitude and latitude! The kids were freaking out. They need to be freaking out, because this is the biggest grade on their upcoming progress reports, which I finish writing tonight and turn in tomorrow. Good rule of thumb: if you fail the map test, you fail the progress report!

This is a tough point of the school year, but we're almost 25% done!

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Graham said...

I like geography. There's something about maps that I like and I don't know if that's 'healthy' or not. : ]

Hope your students do well!