Tuesday, August 23, 2011

all shook up

So Gena and I are moving tables in my room, talking about ideas for Humanities planning and summer break and whatnot. There is some construction/renovation going on in the hall. We each grab an end of a long table and heft it and are just about to move it when there's a loud grumbly sound and some vibration in the floor. We continue our conversation as the grumbling gets louder and the vibration becomes rather surprising. I think we both initially assumed there was some extreme demolition or drilling happening, because we didn't really react until the entire school started swaying back and forth. I looked at Gena and she asked "Is that an earthquake?" and then it was over.

Gena's from New Zealand, and seemed amused at the panic some Yanks felt. I remembered the very brief trembler which woke me last year at 5am, but this was definitely the longest quake I've ever experienced. The Big Cheese announced that we had to evacuate the building, and we did so. Most staff went home, but Gena and I and a bunch of middle grades staff stayed behind to continue planning.

Thank goodness there were no kids today--that would have been too much drama!

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